The Blue Stoat Valet from £80

The BLUE STOAT Ultimate Car Valet includes the White, Red, Yellow and Green Stoat Valets PLUS Blue Stoat additions.

See below:-

carMitThe bottom third of the bodywork and arches are sprayed with a de-greaser to loosen any dirt and grit, then the wheels and tyres are sprayed with non-acidic de-greaser.
Wheels are rolled 180° and sprayed again.
Warm water jet wash.
Hand wash with soft wool mitts.
Rinse and towel dry to leave a streak free finish.
Tyres are dressed with a long lasting tyre dressing.

carMit Interior mats are removed, brushed and vacuumed. All carpets and seats are brushed and meticulously vacuumed. Ash trays cleaned.
Airline the air vents and in between the seats to remove any hard to reach dirt and dust.
The dashboard, steering wheel, door cards and center console are wiped to remove dirt.
Windows cleaned inside and out, to a streak free finish.

carMitThe interior, including boot and spare wheel area, are airlined and vacuumed. All fabric, seats, carpet and headline is shampooed.
All plastics are washed and towel dried. Inside windows are polished & a spray fragrance is used.
Air vents, center console and switches are dressed. Foot pedals and door shuts are cleaned.

carMitWash, wax, leather. We’ll remove any tar spots and bug splatter. All arches, sills and shuts are steam cleaned.
We’ll hand polish paintwork and windows to a streak free finish. Exterior plastics are protected and dressed.
Tyres dressed with a long lasting dressing.



carMitFull steam including all shuts and engine bay along with a full steam including all shuts, and engine bay - where possible.


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